Hi Jacques,

Welcome to the SOTA hobby. I hope you enjoy your SOTA expeditions.

Jimmy 2E0EYP and Tom M1EYP

In reply to 2E0EYP:

Thank you dear 2EOEYP… I enjoyed my first SOTA activation, it was a lot of sweating to climb up the 800meters… next time I will take less material and last longer than only two hours :slight_smile: but the weather was perfect and I enjoyed something like 20 contacts with only 3-5W in SSB.

Great to give first QSO/point to some stations for their first QSO with HB/FR-019.

Best 73’s, hope to catch you during another SOTA activation from your or my side.

Hi Jacques,

Good to hear that you enjoyed your first SOTA activation.

Jimmy 2(O)0EYP