HB9BQB/P today's (May 2nd) SOTA reference at 08h49?

HB9BQB/P and I had a SOTA QSO this morning at 08h49 utc while I wasn’t looking to the SOTAwatch page and I didn’t ask him for the SOTA reference because I wrongly guessed that there would be an alert or a spot on SOTAwatch with that information.
I found later there were neither Alert nor Spot, so I can’t log the QSO to the SOTA database because I don’t know the SOTA reference.
My initial plan was to look at his activator logs but there I found his last logged activation dates December 2018, so I fear this might take him a bit too long.
Have any of you chased HB9BQB/P today at about that same time?
Would you be so kind to let me know his SOTA reference, please?
I have sent a PM to him asking this same question, but in case he doesn’t read the Reflector, I’ve decided to also ask to the general public.
Thank you very much.



Thank you, Andy!

Andy thank you!

Hi Guru. Thanky you for the QSO’s. OK next time I will spot myself. Log is now uploaded
Hpe cuagn soon
73, Guido

Hi Guido,
I was surprised when you used plural for QSO, i.e QSO’s, because according to my log we only had 1 QSO this morning.
I’ve been checking your activator log and found that in addition to our actual QSO at 08h49Z on 40m, you also logged me on 30m at 08h58Z but this is not correct, as I had QSO with HB9CGA/P on 40m at almost that same time, i.e. 08h59Z.
You must have had QSO with possibly some other EA2, but I’m sure it wasn’t me.


Hi Guru

Sorry - on 30m were a little confusion on QRG at 0858
I made one QSO with HB9CGA/p and he then made QSY back to 7MHz4
I stayed on the QRG and made 4 more QSO’s

In the log of HB9CGA/p is only the QSO with me
In the log of M0BKV is HB9CGA/p
so we have some confusion?
OK I delete your QSO with me on 30m
73, Guido