HB9BIN record for s2s

Juerg, HB9BIN, reached two unbelievable goals today — 10,000 contacts s2s and 50,000 points s2s. Gonna be a long time before anyone matches that. There are 4,724 operators who have entered s2s contacts in the database. Bring popcorn, and we can watch them attempt it.

Elliott, K6EL



Absolutely fantastic result :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

Chapeau bas Juerg :champagne:

73, Jarek

Congratulations to Jürg HB9BIN on this great endurance as a hunter and collector.
I wish you a lot of fun at SOTA and good health in the future.

In addition to the ranking extract for the mixed mode published above, the ranking extract in CW is also listed below.

73, Heinz

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Congratulations Juerg! Nice to have many S2S with you!
Claudio IX1IHR

Congrats Juerg, it’s so far, far away, behind my horizon.

Personally I prefer the Datamode ranking… :smiley:

Congraulations Jürg - incomprehensible numbers!!

That’s modern mathematicians for you. No idea about numbers apparently.

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That’s historical scientists for you. No idea about context apparently.

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Congratulations Juerg. Fantastic goal



For all (serious …) SOTA ranking enthusiasts, here is yet another ranking, this time by the s2s Activator Points collected by the Activators, supplemented with the number of activated 10-point summits.

I suppose most SOTA enthusiasts don’t just pursue this hobby for the rankings - but I could be wrong about that, hi.

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Amazing, Juerg! I’m on the road to 5000…
73 Fabio

Good achievement! Congrats Juerg!

Well done Juerg. Amazing.

However, now I have lost the will to try for any more S2S. I am now officially pathetically irrelevant.

I still enjoy being in the bush and on mountains so is radio still going to be part of it? Maybe yes and maybe no.

I’m used to being at the bottom of the list. People were runner by a mile faster than I was running 440 yds in the days when I could do that. So should I be surprised?

I think I’ll just go and watch a bit of TV.


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Hello Juerg,
Congratulations to this great success. Hope to have more qso’s in the future.
best 73

Finally, for those who are interested, let’s take a look at the “Number of s2s contacts” ranking feature.

With the recent hype regarding s2s QSOs, it has become common practice among activators who are particularly focused on ranking lists to increase this counter as much as possible, e.g. by making several QSOs with the same activator on all possible bands. As can be seen in the table below, the difference in dupe QSOs can be quite large.

As an idea, in my case all the logged dupe QSOs should not have been made with the same activator - with a fairly high degree of certainty, hi.


You forgot one thing - the boys in New Mexico offered prizes for high numbers of contacts with Sota people in their State. I reached the highest prize, which was 1,000 contacts, thanks to s2s contacts on multiple bands with the same few stations. Same with KX0R. Nice detective work, anyway.

Elliott, K6EL


There’s nothing wrong with it, there’s just a different way of handling it - mostly for ranking or record purposes, hi.

So don’t worry about it, keep having fun.

73, Heinz

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Dear Elliott, K6EL

Thank you very much for ur congratulations! Without you I would not (jet) have realised my record. I am not a regular SOTA reflector reader and/or writer. I prefer activating summits and making S2S-QSOs instead of reading the SOTA reflector. I do it right now, when my wife is driving me to a summit (while we are wating in a traffic jam)!

Dear SOTA activators

Thank you very much for over 10,000 contacts s2s and over 50,000 points s2s. Without you this result would not have been possible. I lock for much more S2S QSO with you. On high summits I only use a whip antenna. Thank you for ur passion with my week signals.

Now I am retired! But when I was a teacher at collage level, I did preparations and correcting test on summits. Whenever I heard a SOTA spot on VK porte-a-log, I stopped my teacher work and made a S2S QSO!

73 de HB9BIN, Jürg (George)

The man in red is our mountain guide. First Activation of Geltenhorn (Height: 3065 m / 10055 ft, SOTA-Ref. HB/VS-251) on 4/Sep/2020 I used the call HB15SOTA. The photo was done by Hans, HB9BQU.


Dear all

The next SOTA Mountain Goat for Jürg has meanwhile also arrived at his herd - congratulations on this next milestone! :+1:

Since it is the 13th mountain goat, we keep the news short because of the superstitious, hi.

73, Markus HB9DIZ