HB9BIN/p on HB/SO-005

Dear Chasers
I was the whole afternoon on HB/SO-005. It was snowing!
On 24.0 MHz and 30 Mhz. I have sent a wrong Ref.-No. to the Cluster!
But now all spots are correct. Sorry and tks for the QSO’s.
The log is uploaded!
73 de HB9BIN, Juerg

In reply to HB9BIN
Made, Juerg! It is not unsual to make mistakes when you are trying to look after a free freq, avoiding your rig to be wet, or yourself, watching how your antenna colapses due to the wind… all at the same time… perhaps we might change the title from goat to octopus!

Thank you for your efforts activating and keep yourself safe!

73 de Mikel

In reply to EA2CW:
“perhaps we might change the title from goat to octopus”

I push the LIKE button :slight_smile:

73 Viktor