HB9AFI Kurt 5k activator points!

I just noticed that this past week Kurt HB9AFI broke through the 5000 activator points barrier – certainly an accomplishment worth mentioning! He’s clearly the top gun in HB9-land, and he currently ranks #7 internationally. His first SOTA activation was on August 5, 2005, so it took him just over 9 years to accomplish this.

Thanks, Kurt, for all the S2S QSOs we’ve had, and congratulations!


Congratulations Kurt on achieving 5k activator points!
I know that you are deeply grateful that your legs did carry you up to more than 1’000 summits (645 unique summits) so far.
Best wishes and take care!

73 cu, Heinz HB9BCB

Congrats to 5K activator points Kurt!

Alles Gute und weiterhin viel Spaß in den Bergen und vor allem Gesundheit für die nächsten 5.000 Punkte.

73 Heinz

Congratulations and well done Kurt.

Many thanks for all the points you have given me over the years, which are much appreciated.


Lieber Kurt
herzliche Gratulation zu deinen 5k! Ich wünsche dir weiterhin viel Freude und Zufriedenheit in der Natur und erlebnisreiche, unfallfreie Touren!
It’s always a pleasure to meet you!

Jürg / HB9BAB

…and the Oscar for excellent SOTA-achievement and top ham-spirit goes to HB9AFI.
May your legs will bring you up to many more summits to enjoy the view
and the pile-up´s on the wonderful mountains dear Kurt!
Congratulations and cu on the air.
Vy73 de Fritz HB9CSA, DL4FDM

Congratulations Kurt, always nice to work you on the bands!
Roger MW0IDX

Herzliche Gratulation, Kurt, zu Deiner grossartigen Leistung! Ich freue mich weitere QSO’s mit HB9AFI!
Hannes, HB9AGO

Many congratulations Kurt and thanks for all the contacts that we have had. Best wishes for the future.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Hallo Kurt,
herzlichen Glückwunsch und danke für 264 QSOs.

Lieber Kurt

Herzliche Gratulation und weiterhin viel Spass mit SOTA.

vy 73 Hans HB9BQU

Worked Kurt yesterday S2S, from OZ/OZ-012, he was F/HB9AFI/P from F/AB-485. I’m just getting started on SOTA, having activated 6 summits so far - this is so cool! NO noise, almost always pileups, and beautiful nature! Being a mountain guide and loving the outdoors, this seems to be the best af everything :slight_smile:

Cheers, 73

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