I worked Hugo HB9AFH/P on HB/SG-038 this afternoon.

When wanted to update my chaser databse with this contact I got a message: "This summit not valid at the date you entered (05/08/07).

Have I done something wrong?


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Hello Peter,

in the HB- summit-list you can read HB/SG-038 “Hochalp” was valid till April 1st, 2007. So you did nothing wrong and Hugo didn’t check the summit before I believe.

73’s, Ralf

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I also worked Hugo. Does this summit no longer count for sota?


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It seems as if it doesn’t count anymore, Mike. Don’t know why.


Bummer :slight_smile: ahh never mind

Tnx Ralf


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Bummer :slight_smile: ahh never mind

Tnx Ralf


Well, I wouldn’t have put it quite like that Peter, hi.

It was a pleasant QSO with Hugo anyway.

No, second thoughts you are right! Bummer:-)


With this frustration among the chasing fraternity, I can barely imagine the turmoil experienced by the poor activator that actually climbed the mountain!

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aparently Hugo was not aware that HB/SG-038 (Hochalp) has been moved to HB/AI-008. (this summit is in AI-canton not in SG…)
73 kurt HB9AFI

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aparently Hugo was not aware that HB/SG-038 (Hochalp) has been moved
to HB/AI-008. (

Don’t you mean HB/AR-008 ?

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yes i meant AR-008 , sorry…

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Very confusing stuff, hi.

So, do those of us who worked Hugo claim the points for HB/AR-008, or is it still a case of no contact?


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It was a real pleasure to have a QSO with you again after such a long time. I am sure that you enjoyed the expedition and I hope that you had a good day.

Forget about the 4 points. Chasers can live without them. There will be other days and I look forward to hearing you on the air again. Many thanks for the activation.


King of the Mountains Klaus once activated a whole range of mountains then discovered they did not qualify until the following month!! No problem. We all worked him again later.

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Very well said Roy.

The 4 points don’t matter at all and just to clarify, no one was complaining, just not sure of the situation.

Thanks for the QSO Hugo and I look forward to the next time.

vy 73 Mike

Just as Mike said Hugo, we are not angry at all , I just didn’t understand the situation. This is the first time it happened to me.

Furthermore it is you that made the effort to climb that mountain and activate, so who are we to judge?

Always very happy to contact you from any summit or just regular QSO.

Servus Hugo !!!


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So, do those of us who worked Hugo claim the points for HB/AR-008, or
is it still a case of no contact?

I didn’t work him so I’m neutral. I’d say chasers are justified in claiming it (and he can claim the activation). It sounds like he was on a valid summit and identified it unambiguously. I’m sure there have been other cases in which genuine errors in summit references have been corrected after the fact.

Only my opinion of course.

You are correct Martyn. There are past cases of an activator coming on the old Yahoo reflector after the weekend and correcting an incorrectly announced SOTA reference.

Hugo activated the same mountain as intended, and within all the rules, so he must be able to claim the activation. And if the activation is valid, then so are all the contacts with it. I have certainly claimed my S2S CW chaser points in this instance.

In cases of possible ambiguity, one can refer to a theme in the General Rules which refers to “in the spirit of the Programme”. This activation, and all contacts with it, are quite clearly in the correct spirit of SOTA, so NP AFAIAC.

In reply to M1EYP:

Thanks for the update/clarification Tom.

I will now log it, but I will gladly remove it at a later date if told otherwise.


apparently Hugo was not aware that HB/SG-038 (Hochalp) has been moved

I have seen some big earth movers in my time but this one must have been enormous.