HB9-contest 20.07.2008

Hi SOTA-friends,

on Sunday 20.07.2008 the HB9-NMD (Swiss National Mountain Day)
takes part from 06:00 - 09:59 UTC.

Band: 80m, Mode: only CW.

The HB9-(NMD)stn sends RST and a word with at least 15 letters.
Stations outside HB9 only RST.

As far as I know the follwing stations will be qrv
from a SOTA-ref. within the SOTA-rules:

HB9AFH/p HB/ZH-004
HB9BGG/p HB/ZH-005
HB9DEO/p HB/SZ-021
HB9QH/p HB/ZH-011
HB9RE/p HB/ZH-009
HB9UH/p HB/SH-001

A list with details of the participants-QTH can be found on:

I hope for good wx on Sunday.*
Vy73 es GL de Fritz (HB9CSA,DL4FDM)

  • sri hr not QRV, I have QRL on Sunday :frowning:

In reply to HB9CSA:

Hi Fritz,

This is a good reminder. There is one clarification however - the HB9 Mountain Day stations only send the 15-letter word/message to OTHER HB9 Mountain Day stations.

The “Shack Sloth” stations - including HB9 - only need to send (and receive) the RST. Once in a while a Mountain Day station will send you the 15-character message anyway - you can just ignore it, and say TU/73, etc.

73 - Good Luck - Kenton - HB9DOT

In reply to HB9DOT:

Hi Ken,

mni tnx for the fb info.
It´s a very nice contest and I hope they have good wx.
I will be in HB9 next week and hope to activate one
or two summits if wx allows.

Vy73 de Fritz