HB/ZH-009 my unique #1756

—today I have worked HB9BAB/p on SOTA HB/ZH-009
for my 1756th chased unique SOTA-summit.

Nothing special in fact…

…but for me it was very special,
because it was my first QSO with “Mount Uetliberg” which is:

  • the summit were I spent half of my childhood
  • the summit which my dad HB9RE and me had first activated in 2005
  • the summit which was my 1st ever SOTA activation
  • now I have worked 1756 unique summits, just as many summit
    as my dad HB9RE worked in his SOTA-life.

So it was a funny and very special QSO this morning.
Many thanks Jürg and congrats for all your activations!

Vy73 de Fritz HB9CSA,DL4FDM

A remarkable coincidence Fritz, and all rather fitting. I hope it brought you many happy memories.


In reply to M1EYP:

Hello Tom,

I had a wonderful time on this mountain.
From my parents house is around 1.5 hours to walk to the summit.
As a child I spent most of my free time hiking, climbing up trees,
roasting sausages on fire and in winter I coasted down the mountain.
I often accompanied my father to his activities on VHF.
When I got my radio-license in 1982 I worked from the ski jump and
contacted some G´s with a few watts on 2 meters.
Thanks to SOTA I had some wonderful days operating with dad from ZH9.

Vy73 es cuagn