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HB/VS-028, apology I stopped activation Lagginhorn 31/8/2015

Hi, apologies for stopping activation early on HB/VS-028 yesterday. We had gone up the south ridge (SSW ridge) so were unsure of descent route (West ridge). Ascent took longer than expected because of snow high on ridge, altitude and my lack of fitness. It was cold on summit, cloud blew in from south and first flakes of snow fell. Safety of party meant I abandoned activation and started descent, which was uneventful. We even caught the final lift down. Apologies to those who were still calling. Will try to do better next time.



Hi Colwyn,

Sorry I missed you. Noticed your Spot about 15 mins after you had posted it and checking 14.285MHz nought! So I guess I must have just missed you, c’est la vie :confused:

And it sounds as if your a bit of ‘hairy’ activation - hi!

Till the next one.

73 and keep safe!

Jack (;>J

Hello Colwyn,

Thanks for the summit

Don’t sell yourself short about your fitness! Well done on doing it and reduced O2 does not help.

Best wishes

You shouldn’t apologise Colywn - Safety has ALWAYS to come first. Glad to hear the descent was uneventful.

Hope to catch you on the next one!

73 Ed DD5LP.

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Don’t worry Colwyn!
Did you shot some pictures showing your setup on the summit?

BTW, try it next time as HB9/MM0YCJ/P :wink:
HB9 HAM Radio Prefix for Switzerland
HB0 HAM Radio Prefix for Liechtenstein
HB Aircraft Country Tail Code for Switzerland
73 take care,
Heinz HB9BCB

Hi Colwyn, Snow mean’s Go, Thank’s for the summit and a new one best of luck on the next.

… again, your correct (legal) call in Switzerland is HB9/MM0YCJ/P
73 tks, Heinz

Thanks Heinz,

we are back home now but I’ll make sure I use the correct prefix in future, if I get the chance.