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HB/VS-006 Matterhorn - Wed 8 September

Hi All,
After a successful but rather difficult activation of VS-018 (took around an hour to get 5 QSOs :stuck_out_tongue: ) I decided to post a note here that I will be attempting to activate Matterhorn.
My very rough ETA is 8am-10am :slight_smile: I will try to post a spot once I get there.

I will be carrying my FT-818, will try 2m first, then perhaps using the MFJ1880 on HF, but that will depend on few factors like time/weather etc.

FM 145.550/145.500
SSB HF - please watch the sotawatch for spots/frequencies

Hope to hear you soon!



Tomek, I keep my fingers crossed.
Safe ascent and descent.

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Great stuff – good luck, Tom! Hopefully the weather and time will allow for HF operation. I’ll try to be QRV for a SOTA Complete :wink:
73, Manuel HB9DQM


Unfortunately we got up the summit later than I have planned, so I was only able to call cq on 2m couple of times and had to go back down… Well, maybe next time!



I listened on 2m from Pizzo Gallina HB/TI-016 between 9am and 12am local time, but didn’t hear anything. Strange – that summit should be within comfortable VHF reach from Matterhorn… anyway, it was worth a try. Glad to hear you made it to the summit and back safely!

73, Manuel

Congratulations for having reached the summit, even if it was late.

So, did you manage to activate Matterhorn? i.e. did you make at least one QSO?
If so, did you qualify the activation with the minimum 4 QSOs required to claim the points?

Thank you.


Oh we were up there quite a bit later than 12 :smiley:


No didn’t manage to activate it, unfortunately no one replied to my cq on two frequencies, after taking few pics we had to start our descent.

Is there anyone out there who has all 4000m + Mountains of Switzerland (48)in his chaser log and if not how many.
73 Patrick ON4BCA

What a shame!