HB/SG-038 Hochalp maybe invalid?


I’m finding that this summit which Kurt HB9AFI activated earlier today is not showing as valid in the database when the contact is entered.

Has anyone else found the same please?

Thanks to all the Friedrichshafen attendees who activated on their way home today, making it “SUPER SUNDAY” - a very productive day for the chasers.

73 Phil

Summit was valid from 01/08/2005 to 04/01/2007

I have logged Kurt today on HB/SG-039. Maybe your reference is wrong?

I see that there was a spot for Kurt on SG-038… We will need Kurt to clarify!

73 Heinz

Probably simply the old reference for what is now HB/AR-008 Hochalp…

Good fun but myself and Paul were eaten alive on OE/VB-526. Should have expected that on a forested summit. However, the view from my hotel room made up for all the lumps on my legs…

I would always advice that SOTA chasers listen carefully to what SOTA reference the activator is actually is on rather than relying on the spots as the spot may not always be the correct SOTA reference which can result in either chasing the wrong SOTA summit or as per what this thread is about, chasing a SOTA reference that is no longer valid.

Jimmy M0HGY

I note your comments Jimmy - from my log

HB9AFI/P logged on HB/SG-039 at 09:12 on 7032.5 KHz.

HB9AFI/P logged on HB/SG-038 at 11:17 on 7032.0 KHz.

Guilty as charged…

I admit to sometimes relying on an activators spots and not always listening for the SOTA reference, especially when there are around six SOTA stations active at the same time and I want to log them all. So I tend not to listen to every activator for lengthy periods every QSO waiting for the reference to be sent and I don’t like wasting the activators time by asking for the reference if he hasn’t spoken it or sent it. As an activator I don’t send the reference every time myself either, once I know a SOTAWatch spot is correct. I’ll send it at the start iof the action, somewhere in the middle of the activity and at the end when going QRT usually.

So until confirmed I haven’t entered HB/SG-038 QSO into the database.

73 Phil

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Thank you for the explanation Phil, hopefully you’ll find out soon what the correct reference was.

Jimmy M0HGY

yes i was using an old list… i was in fact on HB/AR-008… sorry guys. 73 kurt HB9AFI


Thanks for the clarification Kurt. I’ll now log our contact with the amended reference.

73 Phil