HB/BE-003 Mount Eiger

Last month I saw the new film about Mount Eiger (HB-BE-003).
In fact it is the story of John Harlin Jr., who lost his father on the
Eiger-Nordwand when he was a child. He did the Eiger himself now.
Its a film with fantastic pictures of a worthy 10-pointer :slight_smile:
If you ever have the chance, go and watch this brillant film.

In Switzerland you can see the film at the “Verkehrshaus Luzern”

If you like to see a trailer have a look here:
(1,1 MB on Windows Media Player)

On the German (deutsch) Webside is also a trailer with
4,2 MB on Windows Media Player. Just scroll down

The webside of the film, with lots of stuff like history and links is here:

Vy73 es sote4ever

In reply to DL4FDM:
Thank you for the information on the new Alpine film. I will try hard to see it as I have read some books on Harlin, and it would be great to see the Eiger on Wide Screen.
The links you provided were very interesting.

Best 73