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Harter Fell?

I wonder if the crew who activated High Street G/LD-011 realize that Harter which near there is no longer a SOTA summit, this was G/LD-016. The Harter Fell they alerted for which is G/LD-028 is a considerable distance away from High Street G/LD-011. Harter Fell could count as a WOTA.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M3EYP:

Hi Jimmy,

I mentioned the matter of there being two Harter fells to them on air but not sure if they understood or for that matter care, as I have severe QRM on 80m at the home QTH and didn’t manage to catch the reply.

In a similar vein the nearby summit known as High Raise is also not the SOTA one.



In reply to M0RCP:

Hi guys,

Many appologies for that one - we saw “Harter Fell” on the map, saw it on the SOTA website, and didn’t consider that it might not be the same summit :-s.

So sorry for any confusion caused, and sorry to the couple of guys we worked before we realised our mistake. And thanks to M3TMX for pointing it out to us on 2m once we were up there!

Rick - thanks for the contact from High Street; signals were very difficult up there, not so much in RF land but AF! It was rather windy, and the shelter thing that we had up was trying to make good its escape in a most noisy fashion ;-).

Thanks also to everyone else who worked us on both the real summit G/LD-011, and a few on Harter Fell, even though it didn’t count for SOTA.

All the best,
Rob M0VFC (used to be 2E1EVJ; haven’t figured out how to change SOTAwatch username yet though) and the rest of us.

In reply to 2E1EVJ:

Many apologies for that one - we saw “Harter Fell” on the
map, saw it on the SOTA website, and didn’t consider that it might not
be the same summit :-s.

No need to apologise; it is easily done. I nearly made exactly the same mistake, only realising when I noticed the summits heights were different. I hope that you had a good day anyway.



Hi all,

You can still log Harter Fell as a WOTA and its reference is LDW-048, and this also applys to chasers who worked them on there if you still want the points. If you activated Harter Fell on the 2nd to the 6th of March 2002 the SOTA reference would have been LD-016 and yu would have had 6 activator points.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to G3CWI:

Thanks :-). Yup, very good day despite the wind! Hopefully we’ll get another LD- or local NP- in tomorrow before heading back to Cambridge; we’ll post an alert in the morning once we’ve figured out what we’re doing.