Happy last winter bonus day

Greetings from EA8 Lanzarote. No bonus here, 28C on the coast & 33C inland. I did the highest spot on the Island today, Peñas del chache 671m which I think may be EA8/LZ-001 in the future. 6 geocaches are also in the bag. Hope everyone has a good time at Norbreck rally. Back after Easter weekend.
73 Steve G1INK.

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Mmmm, 28C, nice.

Enjoy your holiday, Steve.

Regards and 73


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Hi Steve,

we had +16°C today ! But we expect snow on tuesday :frowning:

Hope you have a good time (and enough beer) on EA8!

Hasta lluego amigo y cordialez 73

Fritz dl4fdm,hb9csa

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Hi Steve,
I missed you today when I activated two summits in the Sauerland…
So I wish that you enjoy your time in EA8 and happy eastern to you!
Hope to hear again soon and a good time at Lanzarote island,
73 de Lutz DL3SBA

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Hi Steve,

Paul G4MD and I had just the thing yesterday for your drink at the bar - iced water! The problem was it was on the summit of GW/SW-006 and it would surely have melted by the time we could have got it to you. Such a shame ;-(

73 and enjoy those idyllic temperatures.


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I was just checking the UK weather site, and it seems Buxton is experiencing some freak weather and behaviour, On Friday this week the temperature was a lovely 26c, ice cream vans from all over the peak district were amassing in the town centre, and nearby Bakewell had sold out of tarts and the cable car was booked up solid and operating all day. VK was being heard 9+20db on 2m SSB without any pile up, and Tom (eyp) didnt activate The Cloud today !!!

See what youre missing Steve ??!!

Catch up when you get back, and dont forget my bottle of Faustino 1 Gran Reserva !!