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Happy Birthday SOTA SIX PARTY

Hello SOTA Friends !
Today is my birthday and i decide a special CHALLENGE.
You can win a bottle of wine …
Easy to play - You have just to QSO me and say me “Happy Birthday” + my age … ?
The first who send me my age is the winner ;-)))

C U from the F/CR-249 - MARSEILLEVEYRE Summit Today

73 QRO - Roger - F5LKW

HI Roger

I am listening… 28062. You are runing late…the activator is King…Condx still poor, band dead, things may improve, we will see!

73 Phil

PS Do we have to come to Marseille to collect the wine?

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Seems worthwhile. Win wine, travel to Marseille to collect wine, activate some F summits to increase regions activated count, drink wine whilst eating some nice food in the good weather, return home happy. Works for me! :smile:

Happy Birthday Roger.

Altough vy wk sigs, 10:25: QSO+ Happy Birthday+Age of this young man ;>)

Congrats Roger de geert pa7zee

Well done Geert! I only managed to connect with Roger on 20m CW at 1121z. No copy unfortunately on any other bands in NE England! Roger is one of the younger SOTA activators compared with many in the old fa**s SOTA activators club (Over 60s) such as I!

10m and 6m again dissapointing today - just the one QSO with Jurg HB9BIN/P on early morning back scatter.

73 Phil

Dr All,

Believe it or not but I just received an e-mail from Roger that I am the Winner!
And that with poor code sending and marginal conditions.

Magic of SOTA or maybe my Lucky Day?

73 de geert pa7zee

Hello Friends
Really nice to QSO you for my birthday.
You can see the sight from my day-shack.
Geert you are the winner, then you’ll receive a bottle of white wine. lucky you are … hi !
I don’t beleive to be the youngest SOTA operator … 46 years old.
Thanks Victor GI4ONL -----> 37 yrs hi !
PA0WLB ---- > 44 yrs hi !
OE7PHI -----> find it but to late
G4OBK ----> too late
Any way always a big pleasure with SOTA activation.

73 QRO


Happy birthday Roger. To one birthday boy from another birthday boy. :birthday:

73 Neil

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Can’t you be born a day that I don’t work !! Hiii !!!
So NO you’re not the youggest !!! :wink: And I think it’s not me at all… Or wich it for the Hamradio longevity !!!
See you soon !
And Happy Birthday Neil :slight_smile:

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Joyeux Anniversaire Roger!

Thanks to all for wishes - hope cuagn !
73 Roger

Salut Roger. Bon anniversaire avec un peu de retard!
73 QRO de Manfred – DL9MDI


Bon anniversaire, I was reading it too late.

Oh that takes me back! Sea cliff climbing on the Calanque in July 1985. I can date it because as we drove home we listened to Live Aid on the car radio. Happy memories.

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Bottle is ready to be sent …
73 QRO

Looks very good Roger and from my point of view half full…
After todays activations in ON and DL with good wx I feel even more thursty hi.
73 de geert pa7zee