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Happy 17th Birthday SOTA

I can’t believe it is already 17 years to the day SOTA first started.

Jimmy M0HGY


1 more year till SOTA can get into the pub :slight_smile:


What is more worrying is that SOTA can drive now!:sweat:



And vote…

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It’s probably already sinking longnecks and smokes behind the bike shed when the MT aren’t looking.


I suspect it was born in a pub!


So SOTA is in puberty … that explains a lot :laughing:


nope not till 18 in uk let alone drink

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What I want to know is, will SOTA get totally wasted next year? :grinning:

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I doubt it Gerald. It’s demise will be predicted and even claimed in some quarters, as it has been in every one of those previous 17 years - but, as usual, it will continue to flourish and grow :wink:

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I can’t believe it’s 17 years but I remember being told about it by Brian G4ZRP and how he was having contacts with people some considerable distances away from him just using handhelds and rubber ducks at each end of the QSO.

It doesn’t feel like 17 years. But there again it’s 50 years today since Concorde’s maiden flight. I can remember watching it (in B&W mainstream colour TV started November 1969 in the UK) live. We all had to draw picture of it at school the next day.

17 years, gosh.

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I just breezed past this topic and didn’t really think about it.

Then I actually did think about it.

Goodness me - 2003 - when SOTA really got going in the UK - and when I really got going in SOTA, and establishing many of the friendships that endure to this day, seems like yesterday. It really does. But it’s not - it’s 16 years ago.

You start thinking about all the life and career changes that have happened in that 17 year period, and start calculating how old you’ll be after the next 17 years… and it all starts getting a bit scary and depressing!

I wonder what modes and techniques that haven’t even been thought of yet, we might be using on activations in 2036? Mind-blowing!

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Amazing to see how SOTA has developed over the years. Use to spend ages on 2m FM explaining to each contact what SOTA was all about. My life has certainly changed a lot too, no wife and kids and very few grey hairs when I activated Snowdon on the day SOTA started!


. . . and I suppose that you have lived most or all of them of your own or in your family?

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


That is correct Markus as I was only 9 when SOTA first started, so most of my life, there has been SOTA.

Jimmy M0HGY


Well, it needs to be celebrated, take a look at my alert for the upcoming week !

73, Jarek SP9MA


What better way to celebrate than to activate. While other activities in Ham radio have declined, SOTA continues to increase. Long live SOTA.