Happy 15th Birthday SOTA

SOTA first started 15th years ago today. SOTA’s 15th Birthday comes with good and bad news for one of its founder associations England (G). Muncaster Fell - Hooker Crag G/LD-055 is now no longer a SOTA summit and was valid as a SOTA summit until yesterday, but the good news is that a small hill on the Muncaster Fell range to the north east of G/LD-055, so that of of today is now a valid SOTA summit which has the name Muncaster Fell and reference of G/LD-059.

Jimmy M0HGY
G - Association Manager


The activations from the first day of SOTA, 15 years ago today:

Roger MW0IDX 3/2/2002, GW/NW-001, Snowdon - Yr Wyddfa
Richard G3CWI, 3/2/2002, G/WB-005, Long Mynd - Pole Bank
Richard G3CWI, 3/2/2002, G/WB-006, Caer Caradoc Hill
Alan M1EYO, 3/2/2002, G/SP-002, Black Hill
Pete M0COP, 3/2/2002, G/CE-002, Walton Hill

I’ll be doing a celebratory 15th birthday activation in the morning.


Happy Birthday SOTA
We are glad it has progressed to be the great pass time it has become for many people around the world. I hope it continues on as well so I can wear out my new hikers I got for Christmas.
Ian vk5cz . .

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Will there be a “press release” about this auspicious occasion? This is the kind of thing the likes of Southgate news and the AR Podcasts like to have as content. A success story - in no small way, one might even say “of mountainous proportions” …

73 Ed.

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Happy 15th Birthday SOTA. This evening I will raise a glass to the next 15 years and beyond.

Many thanks to the original team for instigating the scheme. It has been such a blessing in my life over the past 11 years.

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK

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Happy 15th Birthday SOTA.

Well done and thank you to the current management for keeping it all going as well as to the original founding team.

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A great milestone. I’ve only been a participant for 6 years, but it’s given me a great new drive for visiting more out of the way hills.

How did it go Tom?
On the occasions I got into the shack, the atmospheric noise level was at about S6-S7 and I could not hear anyone - I hope you had more luck.

73 Ed.

Happy 15th,thanks to the original team and the MT of today for continuing to manage this addictive way of life not only for the activators but for sloths like me,been sitting here for 14 years and might have possibly and unknowingly worked some activator in the first year.
Just the one activation “Snowdon” (Yr Wyddffa to the locals) and I find the shack more comfortable. 73 Don.


This from the Yahoo SOTA calendar:

Happy Birthday SOTA!, Thursday, 02 March 2017
Wed Mar 1, 2017 3:55 am (PST) .

Happy Birthday SOTA! reminder
When: Thursday, 02 March 2017 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM
(GMT) Greenwich Mean Time - Dublin / Edinburgh / Lisbon / London

Notes: SOTA started on 2 March 2002. It was launched in England and Wales by G3WGV, M5EVT, MW0IDX and G3CWI.

From: Summits Calendar

Happy 15th Birthday SOTA, where has the time gone? Well done to the MT, AM’s, Activators, Chasers & SWL’s for making SOTA such a fun and enjoyable pastime to be a part of. Here’s to the next 15 years! :champagne:

Roger MW0IDX

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Happy Birthday SOTA!
By great effort of founders and management, we all enjoying the programme.
We are going to have SOTA birthday party in Osaka, Japan in this weekend.


TKS fer all SOTA founders and to all that make SOTA a successful Program!

It triggers my interest for amateur radio afdter a few yrs without activity.


And 15 Years for GM (1st July 2002). A multiple GM activation to celebrate?

And well done everyone for keeping ‘The Faith’ to what has been a truly great advert for amateur radio (within SOTA) with all its diversifications, support infrastructure and comradeship.




Thanks to everyone for the kind words on SOTA’s 15th birthday but mostly, thank you all for making SOTA the successful programme it is today. When, way back in 2000, I first drafted the one page outline of what was to become SOTA I never imagined that it would be anything other than a special interest activity followed by a small group of enthusiasts. Now look at it!

In particular, I want to publicly thank the Management Team and Association Managers, past and present. Without them we would have none of the marvellous resources that we take for granted. Indeed, there would be no SOTA. Thank you, one and all!

John, G3WGV


John G3WGV. Many Thanks to you for drafting that one page outline which became SOTA. Thanks also to the Management Team, Association Managers and as I am a chaser only, to all the Activators in SOTA.
Happy 15th. Birthday.
Paul M0CQE.