Hamvention - Times for SOTA Activities

Let’s make our SOTA eyeball gathering at 1:00pm (1700 UTC) instead of 1:30pm on Saturday May 18 - that will make it much easier for us to follow up with Paula K9IR’s presentation at the Ham Radio 2.0 booth.

So to summarize: There will be THREE opportunities to get your SOTA on at Hamvention! Come to one or better yet come to all 3. Two presentations, one eyeball QSO meetup, infinite fun!

  1. Saturday 9:15am - 10:15am - Forum Room #5 - Summits On The Air Hamvention Forum

  2. Saturday 1:00pm - 1:45pm - Meetup between Buildings 2 and 3 (or just inside Bldg 2 if raining)

  3. Saturday 2:00pm - 3:00pm - Volta Building Ham Radio 2.0 Booth - SOTA Presentation

Hamvention is going to absolutely rock this year! Can’t wait to see many of you! If you are as excited as I am, comment below!

Keith KR7RK

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SOTA-teers at the hamvention, please try to attend the Saturday morning SOTA forum. I believe this is the first time SOTA has had a forum, so we want to make a big bang! A well-attended forum will draw more people in, help ensure we have a forum next year, and ultimately get more folks involved in SOTA.

The word is spreading about our niche in ham radio! Last year KR7RK delivered a great presentation at HR 2.0. In addition to the forum this year, we’ll shortly have had 2 articles published in 2019 (March CW Ops and May 4S QRP newsletters) covering SOTA. That’s in addition to the presentations many of you prep and deliver to local clubs throughout the year.

Looking forward to seeing some familiar as well as new faces this weekend.

73 Paula k9ir

P.S. Keith, tnx for adjusting the eye ball timing!!