Ham Radio Friedrichshafen SOTA Session

Audience participation plus short presentations about SOTA – Summits on the Air

Organised by HB9SOTA - the Swiss SOTA Group

With this session at Ham Radio, we are organising for the first time at Friedrichshafen a place where everyone can share their experiences about SOTA. It will take place on Friday, 26 June 2015, from 2 to 3:45 p.m. in the “Schweiz” room. You can ask your questions about any aspects of SOTA in either English or German, and the following member of the SOTA Management Team along with some frequent SOTA activators will respond and lead a discussion: Andy Sinclair, MM0FMF, SOTA MT UK; Dr. Jürg Regli, HB9BIN, Association Manager Switzerland; Paul Schreier, HB9DST/AA1MI, VP of the Swiss SOTA Group; Peter Kohler, HB9TVK, Webmaster of the Swiss SOTA Group.

After interacting with the audience and responding to their questions, we will offer some or all of the following short presentations (depending on available time and what the audience would prefer to hear about):

  • The pros/cons of the AlexLoop compared to the EndFedz end-fed dipole – an analysis of measurements using the RBN (Paul Schreier, HB9DST)

  • The product range and latest introductions from Palm Radio – an overview by a company insider and the Swiss distributor (Hansjörg Baur, HB9DWS)

  • Using the free BaseCamp software from Garmin as a tool for planning moutain excursions (Jürg Regli, HB9BIN)

  • Computer logging during SOTA activations using an OpenPandora Linux handheld PC (Peter Kohler, HB9TVK)

  • The pros/cons of the KX3 compared to the FT-817ND (Jürg Regli, HB9BIN)


UPDATE: As I now have a job and this is still in my “probation time” which means NO holiday days off - I may only get to Friedrichshafen on Saturday, and so would miss the presentation - sorry! Trying to acrue enough “time-in-lieu” to get the Friday free…


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count on me.

Hans PB2T@4U0ITU

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I will be there too. Looking forward to meet you all!

Karel ON4FI

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Will be there.

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Eva HB9FPM and I will also attend this meeting.

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Great news! Count on me too.
A presentation for the “2015 YO SOTA Marathon” could be available if requested.


Sounds great.
Would those presentations be video’d for those that can’t make it to Friedrichshafen?
They sound very interesting.

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If I can make it to Friedrichshafen I will attend to the SOTA Session.

Planned date and duration of 2015 YO SOTA Marathon?

Hi, if you email Sorin he will send you a very good powerpoint summary. Night night Mike

2nd week of August, 2015, one week of activations.
If you give me an e-mail on yo2msb@gmail.com, I will respond you with the full presentation.

L.E.: Mike knows! :smile:

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Hello Paul,
I got a letter yesterday saying that I would be having a operation on my right knee (debris removal) in sometime in May/June so I will not be going but I planned to for the YO briefing. I think the presentations will be very good but perhaps Andy MM0FMF may encounter some difficulty - into the den of the lion given recent discussions about prominence. If I have the procedure in early May I still may make it :neutral_face: Night night Mike

Hi Mike, Good luck with the recovery, hope to see you at the session.

Peter OE5AUL and me have been able to reschedule and get rid of some of our job duties for Friday and will now be able to attend! We are also planning to do an activation on Saturday in OE/VB!

Look forward to meeting you all!
73, Sylvia OE5YYN


Hi, I hope to be there for all 3 days and will try to make it to the SOTA session. I will also try to be around the QSL wall around 12:00 local each day. I am travelling with G4DDN and G4DSE who may have other non-SOTA interests so will balance my time to suit.

Looking forward to meeting Juerg again and also Andy.


Mike G4DDL

Hi Pete
We will put some of the presentations in PowerPoint on the Website of HB9SOTA http://hb9sota.ch/
73 de HB9BIN, Jürg

Talking of Friedrichshafen (I will be there at least Saturday and Sunday and at this point I’m still hoping to get there on Friday for this presentation), I see last year a few people travelled down to Switzerland and activated HB/TG-003 – Ottebärg and HB-TG-002 Imenberg is anyone interested in adding an extra association to their Mountain Explorer totals? Dominik HB9CZF has some nice reports, describing how simple these 1 point summits are to access on his blog here: HB/TG | HB9CZF

If anyone is interested in joining me, I provisionally plan to activate these two summits on the Saturday afternoon of Friedrichshafen.

73 Ed DD5LP.

Additional information. To save time, I intend to take the car ferry across to Switzerland and back, so anyone joining me will need to reckon in their ferry fare. Also don’t forget your passport.

Sensible advice to have a passport but in all the years I’ve taken the ferry to/from Romanshorn I’ve never been asked to show it. I’ve been on foot having got the train from Zurich Airport and been driving cars with Swiss registrations and French registrations. Of course I’ve always had my passport which is why I have never been asked for it!