Had to share this gem with you all

In the late 80s/early 90s, myself and G1VDF used to do a lot of contesting on 2m as GW1VDF/P, mostly from just below Pen Y Gadair.
There was really only us two ops, so the 24 hour contests were hard graft.

As HF FD falls on the same weekend as 144MHz Trophy we tried to get our (very HF biased) local radio club we were members of to come up with the HF station as extra bods to assist us (and vice versa).

Now, anyone who has been to the Black Mountains, and particularly anyone here who has activated Waun Fach will appreciate why I regale the response we got to my girlfriend so often when we are out walking it is probably tedious for her.

It was decided not to come up to the Black Mountains for HF FD as, and I quote:

“The Black Mountains are too dry and rocky for HF”.


You mean like the rocky summit of Waun Fach?



yes that’s just as dry and rocky as I know it :smile:

I don’t remember a single rock on that plateau. Best done when it’s frozen hard, if not you will need gaiters.

73 Phil

PS For Pete G4ISJ sorry I missed you today on GI/AH-010. It would have been my last chased summit in the Antrim Hills and still is. Too weak to warrant calling you on 20m. Signals were just perceptible but I could not have got a report back…

I remember when I activated it. Just pushed the antenna pole two feet into the ground! No need for guy lines or bungees.



I was up there recently and things have changed dramatically.
The welsh goblins have been at work - they have extended the M4 over the top - honest!
Barry M0IML

I believe you Barry. Our last walk up there (in typical clag and cloud) it was easy to navigate from Gadair to Waun Fach, we just followed the amazing line of builder’s bags of stone, and the rolls of matting. :smile:

Looking forward to trying that out. should halve the time it takes to get from one to the other, due to lack of tacking around the bogs! :smile:

Sorry I was going to do 40 and 30 too, but getting blown away and soaked meant a change in priorities ( I had very limited time anyway).

I’ll do it again next time. It’s within 3 miles of my Mum’s doorstep.

FB Pete - I know your operating style and guessed it would have been a WX problem when you didn’t appear on the lower bands. Hopefully I will be about the shack on your next visit. Have a good time in GI.

73 Phil