HA or S5 SOTA information

Hello Sota friends,

I will stay this week end in Graz in OE. I would like to activate summits in S5 or HA because it´s for me the chance to be close this 2 country.
Information about easy access summits will be much appreciate.
Thanks a lot in advance


Laurent de F8CZI

Maybe HA/ND-016, S5/GS-021, S5/GS-022

73, Bojan

Hi Laurent

The nearest to Graz HA summit is HA/ND-001. It is on the HA/OE border, accessible with 30 min easy walk from Austrian side. There is a nice picnic site and look-out tower on the very summit. It might be busy on weekends, but there is enough place for even a full size dipole antenna.

Another near summit is HA/DD-016. It is almost a drive-on summit, you need only few minutes to walk. There are a concrete trig-tower (closed) and some small houses on the top. Place for antenna is limited. Site isn’t too attractive.

If you are ready to drive further into Hungary I’d suggest HA/KD-006 or HA/DD-012. Both are drive-on with look-out tower. Space for antenna is limited, and summit might be busy on weekends. DD-012 is on the southern bank of Balaton lake, so you can visit the beach after (or before) the activation. (WX forecast not really favorable for weekend)

If you have more time there are some really nice summits on the northern bank of lake Balaton (HA/KD-019, KD-022, KD-030, KD-041) with nice panorama, and look-out tower or ruins of medieval castles on the top. These summits are more challenging, requiring longer (1 - 2 hours) walk to reach.

If you need any further details about specific summit(s), just drop a message.


Janos, HA4FY

Hi Bojan and Janos,

Thanks a lot for your advices. I will have a look on those summits and decide what are the best options for the week end.


Laurent de F8CZI

Hy Laurent, I do hope to meet you this time !! Will be activ with F5HTR - Robert - on FL/VO083 Grand Artimont and FL/VO081 Lauchenkopf during the UFT QRP test from 6-9 UTC and 14-17 UTC, working with a Delta Loop for 80m ….tomorrow Saturday the 23th.
Best 73’s and see you later F6GLZ Jean-Claude.

I forgott, callsign will be F8UFT/P, or our own callsigns outside the contest time…

Hi Jean Claude,

I have just posted an alert on the Sotawatch for my activation of today on HA/ND-001.
I will send you an SMS when I am ready to activate.


Sorry Laurent, but conditions were very bad yesterday, only 5 QSO’s in the afternoon on SOTA FL/VO-081 Lauchenkopf, Robert, F5HTR activating F8UFT/P ended with only 80 QSO’s on FL/VO-083 Grand Artimont and Lauchenkopf in spite of using a Delta Loop of 85m…

During my activation on Grand Artimont, only 19 QSO’s in 2h30, anyway 15 countries contacted with 2,5 W…no so bad.
Best regards.