HA/DD-15 activation

Apologies for confusion. HA/KD is my “home” region, and I even did not recognize my fingers knocking “KD” insted of the right “DD”. It was too hot among vineyards on the southern bank of Balaton. So, today (12/July) I activated Banom-hegy, HA/DD-015, thanks for all the contacts. Next time I had better stay in northern shore, which is “KD” for sure.
Janos, HA4FY

In reply to HA4FY:
OK, Janos, thanks for the explanation. I got really confused hearing once DD and the other time KD. Edited my spot twice and then left it alone to see what will appear in your activator log.
Good luck and hope you will go elswhere when the wine ripens.
73, Ruda OK2QA