Just worked said gent on 40m

Bit of a pile up
BUT wow every one called in once
He made a list
We Queued and Worked us one by one

No zoo
No double calling
No screaming shouting

Brilliant just brilliant


Hello Karl

This is the club callsign of the Scarborough Special Events Group of which I am chairman and callsign holder. We operate Special Event stations and you will see this call regularly on the SOTA and WAB frequencies, both in SSB and CW. John G4YSS is one of our group members.

Because we want to make as many contacts as possible, all our members use the method that you describe. We call CQ, and make a list of all callers right down to noise level, until we are satisfied that we have even the weakest of stations (QRP, M3 M6, 2E, Mobile) in the log.

The station then reads out all the details just once, such as the special call, name of operator, any references, reason for station etc., then quickly runs down the list of calls taking the report and name. Anyone calling in whilst we are running down the list is politely asked to stand by.
It works.

We consider this to be the most efficient way to operate, although not many stations do this.

We hope that you call in again to GX0OOO/p


ello again certain does work does it not
none of this me me me me

Tell ya wot today the 40m was not behaving its self big QSB’s and varying noise levels today yet made good 5 contacts on the sota front mainly in Wales and one English one all on 40m bit different today :slight_smile:

Karl 73s