GX0OOO Campover on G/NP-010

Following received from John G4YSS, operating as GX0OOO/p

John is on site at 1415 where it is windy with some fog. He has the tent up and is deploying the antennas - Roy G4SSH

Pen-y-Ghent G/NP-010:

I intend to drive across to NP land for a POSSIBLE New Year campover on NP10. This will be taken in stages with assessment before moving on. The WX is not good but the date is fixed. The summit wall will be a big factor/ key to success but if I don’t like it I either won’t leave the car or if the summit is reached just do a quick 2m-FM.

Roy G4SSH will handle spots/ updates assuming phone coverage (there was last time I was there but the system could overload because of New Year.

Best option for tent is near bend in wall at SD 8377 7334 (poor VHF takeoff to NE only) but that may have to change due to ground state (frozen ground). Must be on east side of wall. Wind SW veering N in night and temp dropping. Windy and heavy rain during night. Snow later. If tent can’t be erected and safely anchored or conditions poor - will abandon campover idea. Cold N wind with sunny periods on New Year’s Day.


31-12-16 at 17:00: 3.557-cw; 3.724-ssb
50W. Alerts guidance only. See G4SSH spots

31-12-16 at 18:00: 1.832-cw; 1.843-ssb
50W. Then monitor 145.400 (145.3 if busy) 5W-Omni

31-12-16 at 20:00: 145.400-fm; 145.500-fm
Or 145.300 if busy. 5W-Omni. Monitor 160m

31-12-16 at 22:00: 1.832-cw; 1.843-ssb
50W max. Will alternate modes.

31-12-16 at 23:30: 145.400-fm; 145.500-fm
Or 145.300 if busy. 5W-Omni

01-01-17 at 0030: 1.832-cw; 1.843-ssb
50W. May be no short skip?

01-01-17 at 07:00: 1.832-cw; 1.843-ssb; 3.557-cw; 3.724-ssb
50W. Try monitor 145.400 or 145.500 5W-Omni

Guidance only.
Well equipped but cancellation of campover likely.
QRV times/ band changes likely depending on circumstances.
Cancellation of short 2m-FM activation on afternoon of 31st also possible depending on WX.
Will try to monitor 145.400 or 145.300 at times.

HNY to all
John GX0OOO/p


Be good if can catch u on the 160m be my first Sota on that band and you could ne my last MK3FEH contact or my first Sota in 2017.

Wrap up warm be safe


“Mad dogs and Englishmen go out…”?

Hi Karl,

From John:

John can hear you but you are struggling to hear him. If you can try again later conditions should be better. He would be very pleased to give you your first Top Band chase.

73, Mark G0VOF

Wow .Really gonna have to get this CW 80 up and running great to catch him on the 80m when we did.

thanks for letting me know will be trying again later,s

2200hrs on wards or after mid night or even both be interesting


Try 1850 LSB now Karl

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In audible voice back of box .

Loop to low for band i reckon. Shame not got the CW80 up bet that would hear him at 38ft instead of 24ft

will try again around 22:00hrs same freq


I only just made it, Karl, and I’m closer. Its a bit early, I’m sure his signals will be better later on.

Hi John,

Thanks for your activation! Good signals in Holland. Nice to worked you on 80 and 160m!

Hi Karl…for your information you were 5/9 into West Wales on 80m

HNY … Allan GW4VPX

can’t be bad tuned into 160 and see if any one there

Hi Karl,

John is on 1832-CW at the moment, he will be trying 1843-ssb next if it is free.

73, Mark G0VOF

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Strange in it the antenna is broadcasting well off me 40m loop but not rx-ing to well on 80m and appears doing same on 160m.

Get this CW80 sorted out and see if that RX’s any better once get it up to height 16ft above the loop sometime in new year
mark on there now


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Dr OM John, First SOTA on 160 m! Many thanks for that and a Very Happy New Year,
73 de geert pa7zee

Worked earlier on 80 and just now on 160 :slightly_smiling_face:

73 and HNY to one and all.

Victor GI4ONL

Hi John

So chuffed to get you on top band this evening - made my day, perfect way to see out 2016!


Hi karl,

Noise levels on summits are far lower than those that chaser’s have to endure, even those who think they have a low noise floor.

Good luck!

73, Mark

Cheers mark tis little noisy here was some CW just now now await the voice of john himself


Nice to get you S2S on 2M FM from GW/NW-028 Creigiau Gleision this afternoon.

Hope the tent is holding up. Good luck.

Only getting bits of his audio, 1.847
He’s hearing me ok sitting side freq and await it might lift up you never know :slight_smile:

Not going to hog band let others get through while i wait.