GW7AAV 5X sloth

Congratulations Steve on breaking through the 5000 points barrier.
I might catch you up by the year 2010 if I slow your morse lessons down a bit, lol.

Well done mate

Mike DSP

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Congrats also Steve

In reply to G4JZF:Thanks to Graham and Mike for that. The way the activity seems to be building up the next 5,000 won’t take so long. Need to work hard on the CW though as no French stations heard on ssb yet :o(

Regards Steve GW7AAV

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Need to work hard on the CW though as no French stations heard on ssb


Sounds like you just need the confidence to get started with a few real CW contacts on the air Steve. Perhaps a few contacts with Tom M1EYP?

I notice that the “all rounders” are starting to creep up the Chaser Uniques table nowadays though there are many more phone contacts than CW ones in the database (even today I think there are more phone spots than CW ones). For some reason the CW activators do a higher percentage Uniques. Seems like it will be worth your while getting CW sorted!



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Steve - GOOD LUCK with the CW - hope the thought of working lotsa French & other SOTA stations will be incentive enuf …
73 de CRIS

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Well done Steve!
Look forward to practicing CW with you soon.

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Well done Steve.

I heard you at about 31 working Robin today. You were complaining you couldn’t hear anyone but him! I guess I was about 60 miles or more South of Robin and that was just enough to put me too close to work you with the QRP output. Never mind. Conditions on 60m were very poor again. No BVE for a start! And lots of the regulars missing.

I didn’t hear any French SOTA stations on SSB either. I even went to the trouble of adding links to the antenna so I can make it resonate on 40m or 60m. I did hear a huge pileup calling GP4BJC on 40m in Jersey, I called with 5W and worked him on the first call. Bizarre!

So how long do you think it will take you to get to 10000 chaser points?


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Hi Andy,
I heard you as a little faint voice at S3 a couple of times but you were never strong enough to work. Conditions were not good at all on HF generally and I heard very little on 5mHz today, just a couple of stations bucked the trend. Still it was a great day for chasing with plenty of points and may well have been total chaos if the bands had been open. There will be plenty of time to bag some French summiteers so I will not w(h)ine about it but will celebrate with a nice bottle of something from the Rhine and save the Champagne for when I get my first SOTA CW contact in to France.

10,000 points may take a little while unless I break my other ankle ;o)

Nice GJ contact! Strange thing this radio.

Thanks to everyone else for the advice and kind words.

73 Steve GW7AAV

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Hi Steve,
will also gratulate you. today on dm/bw-174 your signal was very loud ! thanks for both qso´s today and hope see you again on the bands…

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN