GW7AAU' audience with the Laird in his lofty Perch

A wet and variable Sunday morning lead to a day of SOTA for myself (GW7AAU), Steve (GW7AAV) and Caroline (Eldest Daughter). You will have to read Steve’s activation report of Moel-y-Gamelin to see how I ended up wet, cold and looking like a drowned rat!

After wondering for the hundredth time why had we set out from a warm, dry shack several hours previous and revisiting the thought – did I cancel the papers and milk or did Steve? I found myself sat in our faithful disco at the base of Moel-y-Gamelin, dripping wet, cold and desperate for some caffeine infusion. My main thought was let’s get home; but the ever pervasive GW0DSP; who had tracked our moves along with M3PXW (Mission Control) all day had left his QTH heading for his lofty perch on NW62 – Hope Mountain and as per the normal a small net had been set up between DSP, PXW and AAV plus the many short-wave listens out there that appears to grow by the day…would be lovely to talk to some of you! :o).

I found that I had been granted an audience with the laird himself in his lofty lair! So with Steve directing…yes I know we did try and stay on the right road and avoid all urges to head south along the M6. With one detour via the wrong single track up hill lane, we found ourselves approaching the grand entrance to the lair… which as we sailed passed and a bemused AAV smiled and pointed out that we should of actually stopped there!

Befitting for all audiences with the gentry we dismounted from the Disco, wiped our feet and had a good shake to try and get our very wet trousers to depart company from the skin beneath. We opened the grand clanking gate to the long winding passageway up to the throne. The views from this height were stunning and only got better as we ascended to the presence of the man himself – GW0DSP/P. After exchanging the usual kissing of rings and pleasantries we set up the station and I started my first activation of NW62. The plan was to grab four and dart away, but I seem to have developed an addictive / compulsive disorder and the four came and went. Thanks to those of you also weary and wet from your days out on the hills or collecting twenty- Eight!! Geocaches; you helped feed this need to bug the radio amateurs of the UK.

The mic was prised out of my tightly clenched fist as black rain clouds swooped toward the lair at a great rate of knots, which curtailed further onslaughts of the manic AAU. I was eventually enticed back into the Disco and forced to drive home to CQ (Connah’s Quay). I will not tell you that the urge to overtake DSP on the dual carriageway did not cross my mind as we followed him home, but I thought that that was an unfitting behaviour for one of the minions and I should remember the recent honour of being allowed to survey the world of DSP and gracefully kept a respectable distance between us.

I would like to thank everyone who spoke to me and hope that I will have the pleasure in speaking to those stations again.


In reply to GW7AAU:

Tally ho, what!! How pleasant to have the company of a mere serving wench and her knave in the lairds lair today, all the same, please remember your lowly position and don’t presume that you might elevate yourself once more to my lofty throne without my prior consent.
I might add, for the benefit of the masses reading this thread, that you failed to pay your tithe!!
As for one’s comments of keeping one’s distance on Her Majesty’s carriageway, dream on fair maiden, do you honestly believe that my motorised carriage could be overtaken by what is merely a farm tractor in disguise? Touche, I think not!!
Truth be known, you merely stayed behind your superiors so as to navigate safely by the direct route back to your native cave dwelling, without straying off course to distant lands, such as the metropolis of Birmingham

73 the Laird himself AKA GW0DSP

In reply to 2E0HJD:

Not quite a Welsh custom, you have seen the Godfather, haven’t you?