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GW6OVD now Mountain Goat

Congratulations to Mal GW6OVD on reaching Mountain Goat status.

By activating Drygarn Fawr GW/MW-003 and Mynydd Eppynt GW/SW-018 today he has managed to hit the magic 1000 points. Well done mate, what next?

73 Allan GW4VPX

Might as well embarrass him with a pic :slight_smile:

GW6OVD/p pausing for a drink on our way to Cadair Idris GW/NW-009 (pic GW4VPX…2015)


Congrats Mal in reaching the 1000 in such appalling weather today. Welcome to the goat-fold. Thanks for the 23 S2S on the way and I look forward to many more. I don’t know how you have found the time and energy as well as working nights each week. Hope to meet you again before too long but not in today’s weather (it’s sleeting hard outside at the moment.)

73 Viki M6BWA

Well done Mal :sunglasses:

Well Wales is famous for its mountain stock, so further evidence.

Thanks for the summits and very pleased to catch you on 60M today!

Best wishes

Many congratulations Mal. Always nice to work you.

73 Glyn

Well done Mal congratulations on MG,sorry I missed you on your 2nd today.
Catch up next time hopefully under better conditions. 73 Don.

Well done Mal :grinning:
I knew you would not be far behind Allan, GW4VPX and wondered if you might even beat him to it :wink:
Very bad luck in not having a nice relaxing day for it but a good move changing your plans to suit conditions.
Hope to meet you again on the hills and for many more contacts as well.


Well done Mal, you wait ages for a Welsh Goat to come along and then suddenly 2 appear at once!!!

Good to see it done on a Mid Welsh Mountain/Hill!!


Matt G8XYJ

Many congratulations Mal. It has been a pleasure to have had a number of contacts with you on your journey,

Congratulations Mal, and thanks for all the contacts along the way.


Congratulations Mal on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Many thanks to everyone for your help and support over the past few years.
Its been a long time coming and at times I thought I would never get there
but here we are at 1000 points and looking forward to working you all again
in the years to come.
73 Mal


Congratulations Mal. An excellent achievement attained by steady progress. Hmmm, sounds like a school report - maybe I should rephrase that! :wink:

All the best for the next 1000.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Congratulations Mal! I know how much work is involved in this. Big day. Well done.

Well done Mal, Tnx for the contacts


Well done Mal GW6 Often Very Daring. First class effort and thanks for all the contacts.

(Llon gyfiarchadau i Allan hefyd)

David M0YDH

Diolch Dai…you are next in line …don’t let us down :slight_smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

Well done Mal, an excellent achievement and it’s no small effort to get to 1000 points, not that I would know but I’ve activated a few hills :slight_smile:

James M0JCQ

Llongyfarchiadau Mal, great news. Thanks for the contacts. Neil

(Belated) Well done Mal and thanks for the QSO today - helping me on my way to MG. Less than 900 to go now :blush: