GW3TJE/P on GW/SW-015

Peter, you were putting out the biggest signal I ever heard from a UK activation today. What were you using?


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Hi Ken,

Back home in Somerset after a cold and snowy GW trip!
Thanks for your kind comments on my sigs, equipment in use:
FT 817 - approx 5 watts from 2200 mah LiPo battery pack.
Antenna is linked inverted dipole for 40/60/80m but apex only
up 12ft today due strong winds!
Think condx were very favourable for inter G today, hope to qso
you again on many more summits

73s de Peter TJE+

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Hello Peter

Thanks for the info. My home QTH set up is pretty rudimentary - 5W to a 15m wire at 5m - so as you say condx must have been particularly good yesterday.