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Marianne, Liam and I are off for a short trip to the Brecon Beacons, staying in Talgarth at the beginning of August. Marianne had been told about the “Pen y Fan Waterfall” - which I must admit was a new one on me! Research has led me to a “Four Waterfalls Walk” in the area.

Any recommendations for this walk, or which waterfall(s) to pick out to visit if not all? Any recommended routes - maybe even taking in GW/SW-001 summit? Though I imagine any summit trip would be an “add-on” from the Storey Arms side.


I have heard that the “Four Candles Walk” is worth doing.

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I’ve heard that the “Fork Handles Walk” is also quite good…


I remember the good old days, when this forum used to be a place to request and receive the best of local knowledge and hillcraft. Forgive me my nostalgic yearnings.



Probably nothing new to you, but maybe Manuel HB9DQM could overlay these waterfalls on the summit map?
Anyway, have fun.

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You have misremembered the past. It happens to us all as we get older.

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I am not aware af any half decent waterfall attached to Pen-y-Fan.
The best known waterfall walk is seen on:-

At one time or another I have looked at all these but not the walk as a whole. Not far from the new zip-wire on Craig-y-Llyn too :smiley:

Edit There is the Blaen-y-Glyn waterfall on one approach to Waun Rydd, GW/SW-004.

Edit 2 If heading to the western Beacons be aware that they are now working on the A465 between Merthyr and Hirwaun - dualling the single carriageway so there is not much room for traffic. The A4059 moorland road from Storey Arms to Penderyn distillery is a good way around most of this disruption but deposits you on the final roundabout of the roadworks which was a real maze when we last did it.

Edit 3 You would be advised to avoid the area anywhere near Pen-y-Fan during August and especially at weekends.


Who was it that started the Mornington Crescent thread some while ago… oh yes that would be you Tom :smiley:


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Goodge Street.

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I honestly thought it was you Ian???


High Street Kensington G/LD-011…

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Well with High Street Kensington the only move is…

Mornington Crescent


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I am not aware of any waterfalls of note on Pen y Fan. There are some waterfall South of GW/SW-004, Waun Rydd which could be joined up with Pen y Fan, but it would be a big walk.
Most people in South Wales refer to a river walk at Ystradfellte as ‘The Waterfalls Walk’
I hope this helps.

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I’m sorry but that move would only be correct if using the “Transcendental Variation Rule” that has to be announced before the game starts.

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Oh dear, that’s put me into nip.

Since with a player in NIP , the play become asymetrical, I can only conclude that the only fair way to continue is with the now discontinued VK3/VC-88 Hyde Park Corner Hill .

The above assumes that mainline stations are only allowable on the diagonal.

You could use Frobisher’s 1971 Gambit which allows foreign names and get a mainline name with I/UM-057 Monte San Pancrazio (St. Pancras). Being in nip I can’t move but that move would mean someone on the way to MC in 3 moves.

Yes but with you NIP and WRW and ADF in play, the way is clear for me to arrive at Moel Cynghorion Crescent GW/NW-030, surely?

Unfortunately , since we have progressed into the off topic variation, and yourself as the original poster, you must try to bring the game back to your original starting point (which would be the Brecon Beacons).

But to help you out - GW/SW-041 Black(Mountain)Friars

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I can only presume that the midday sun has played a part in this thread

Sorry Andy but that’s the worst move I’ve ever seen.

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