GW/SW-016 Ysgyryd Fawr

Hi everyone

Ysgyryd Fawr GW/SW-016 gave me my first 100th complete on Wednesday…certificate has been ordered :slight_smile: …more to follow :slight_smile: It’s all up on the blog including a few more activation Very windy on top but the sun was shining :slight_smile: Thanks to all the chasers and all those pleasant QSOs…nice to catch up with some of you. 73 Allan GW4VPX

GW/SW-011 Sugar Loaf in the distance

View from the ‘Office’


Well done, Allan, on the first 100 completes and many thanks for the s2s; one of only three from six SP summits.
Five of those were completes for me - new completes now become very difficult indeed.
Hope to hear you again soon,
73 to you both,

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Nice report Allan, looks like a lovely day.

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Nice report Allan. Well done of 100 completes. I’m not quite at 100 uniques, let alone completes!

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Allan, Congratulations well earned and deserved.

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Great report Allan and congrats on the 100. Last time I was there I started off at about 0800 and had the hill to myself for half and hour. Only met the hordes coming up as I was going down - just the way I like it.
73 Glyn

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Hi Alan, Well done nice to have worked you and looked a nice day to, Just checked I have 126 completes so will have to send for the award certificate.