Morning peoples

First of all slight mistake in the trig number One put up on the spot for above activation read TP3018. Should have been TP3108 many thanks to the gent (G4JZF) whom corrected me on this one and has been changed to TP3108.

Off to corner to slaps ones wrists for not double checking on the trig list One has.


Do you not think this ongoing joke about the Royal “one” is wearing a bit thin, Karl? It makes your posts rather difficult to read!

Or is it some strange Cornish colloquialism that I don’t understand?

Walt (G3NYY)

Even more not being of english mother language…
With all respect, Karl, but sometimes it’s a bit hard for me to understand what you want to mean
73 de Mikel

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Thanks Karl,
Not many people apologise for making an error in a public forum such as this so jolly good.
I am not sure why the Royal ‘one’ comment was made as it has no basis in reality. Now if
you started to use the Royal “we” I would start to worry :wink:
I have heard you quite a few times chasing and you are a good and patient chaser/operator so keep on chugging along.
Night night