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Gw nw002

Apologie to the HF chasers today. I attempted to activate GW NW 002 Carnedd Llewelyn on HF today but very very windy and numerous heavy hail showers. Carbon fibre mast top section snapped whist setting up, so only able to make 8 QSO’s on 2m FM. Very difficult operating conditions.

David G0EVV

I wouldn’t have thought a carbon fibre mast was the best option on a day with forecast electrical storms anyway. Then again you could say that any type of aerial wouldn’t be wise - or even being on a hill at all.

It worked out well for us that we came home from Snowdonia yesterday I reckon!

Thanks for the info David. I did have a listen on 2m around your alerted time but suspected that conditions were not good.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Hi David,

You were 5.9+ here but I could hear that you were struggling with high wind noise. Great to contact you under such difficult condx your end and be in your log. Thanks for the effort in the activation.

73’ Don GW0PLP

New top 2 sections of carbon mast purchased £14. So happy with that. David