GW/NW and MW - Warning Rally of Wales, traffic and hills "closed"

Anyone planning to go out in North (GW/NW) or Mid Wales (GW/MW) in the next few days would be well advised to consult the Wales Rally GB website. LOTS of roads around forestry areas will be clogged with traffic and some will be closed completely making access to some of the less frequented summits almost impossible.

Wales Rally GB 27-30 October 2016

Don’t forget the bands will be clogged with traffic as well, due to the CQWWDX SSB contest!

and the biggest solar storm this cycle is inbound - get out the semaphore flags!

Time to try the WARC bands then (no contests allowed).

As for K index of 6 and SFI of 75 - I hope these will improve in the next few days…


Think I’ll be lurking on 60m!

^Its dead !


Nabbed one on there yesterday, but critical frequency is indeed struggling to get up to it!

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It’s an ex-band, it has ceased to be.

Now it’s not, it’s pinning for the Fjords… hopefully soon to be resurrected.

Lurk away Dave :slight_smile: Quite a few of us activating The Wrekin on Saturday morning…expect to work quite a few of us on 60m as I don’t think we’ll be venturing any higher on HF…we’ll see…2m/70cms/23cms also in use.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Yes, I noticed that Allan. I hope to be listening and I’m sure quite a few of the WAB lads will as well, as it doesn’t bode well for a 40m net, especially with the current band conditions.

Oh heck… and this! Snowdon Marathon road closures on Sunday.

Head to the lakes instead, everyone has jumped onto 80m this evening and now that has gone long.

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From Dr. Tamitha Skov
Flare & Solar Radiation Storm Outlook: Flare risk zilch. Good for #GPS operators. Solar flux reaching critical lows so #hamradio suffers.

Taken from Twitter

Hi Glyn, I was searching for this report on and couldn’t find it, it seems I should have been looking at, so thanks for posting.

Do we have any predictions for the K Index over the next few days, as when that is over 3, the noise floor is a real killer.


Further Info - looks like Twitter is the only source:
This is what you get if you go to -

Space Weather TV is under re-construction as new volunteers have taken over the project for Dr. Tamitha Skov.
Please follow her on Twitter for the latest updates, space weather events and forecast as we take time to redesign and rebuild her website.

solarham gives a three day prediction. (warning, there’s a lot of red on this page!)

Thats great they give the Kp (averaged K) figures in 3 hour blocks:

So on all three days, it looks like the Kp will be lower in the (UTC) afternoon.

I have adjusted my planned activation time tomorrow to hopefully hit the Kp= 2 area.

It doesn’t work like that… :sob:

You don’t base decisions on propagation like you would wearing a coat when it rains. Its a causal system relying on what has come previously.

Looking at today - the values DID work like that, but point taken, it can be completely different tomorrow. As my activation is simply to test some new antennas out, I have the flexibility of when I can go and as it looks at the moment both space weather and normal weather will be better in the afternoon.