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GW/NW-070 Great Orme and 10 Metres

Having to visit Llandudno today, I thought I may as well chuck the radio and antennas into the car and pay a visit to Great Orme in the afternoon. A few months ago, I rattled off over 100 North Americans on the 10m band from this summit, however, I knew there would be absolutley no chance of the same result today.

Listening along the 10m band, it seemed deader than the preverbial dodo. Still, nothing ventured nothing gained. Spotting myself on 28.460, I put out a CQ and Franz OE7FMH immediately came back to my call, followed by Mike G4BLH. The calls came along nicely, then a s2s was made with Guru EA2IF, activating EA1/CR-034. A few more EU calls were logged then a call from Mauricio PU4MHO in Brazil, giving me my only DX of the Activcation.

Good to hear Phil G4OBK make the trip from Pickering in Yorkshire and Mike M0MDA. A fine contact with QRPer Franco I5KAP who was working with a mere 500mW came as a surprise!.

A visit to the 15m band found it in poor shape with only 4 contacts made. Just a solitary contact on the 20m band. Nothing heard from North America :frowning:

49 contacts for the activation.

1 on 20m ssb.
4 on 15m ssb.
44 on 10m ssb.
Thanks to all the chasers.

73 Mike

Nice work in the 10m Mike. I’m well jealous as the band was opening up nicely this morning, but I’d promised the XYL I’d be back at the holiday cottage during the morning. As such, I reluctantly left the summit and the rich pickings that appeared to be available on 28MHz. Should be a good few new unique callsigns in that little lot to boost your Challenge score anyway.

I tuned in with my injured dipole, but I could only faintly hear you. Unreadable, but just for a moment I recognized your voice.