GW/NW-068 Carneddol access

I’m struggling to find out what the current access situation is with this hill. It’s on private land, been activated 47 times, but none since 2013.

Do you just pop into the farm of the same name, just east of the hill?

You can’t just “nip up” as it is in full view of the farm very close by.

Thanks in advance.

edit: I did read Toms (M0EYP) report from a few years ago which mentions prior negotiation of access.
edit again… that should of course be M1EYP (sorry!) :blush:

If you are worried - just call at the farm - as I did the first time I activated this hill.
The farmer just said thanks for asking - but, most people just go up there!
I never asked after that for my further four visits.
The reason it has not been activated since 2013 is that I moved back to England!



Thanks Barry, I’m guessing he’s a Welsh speaker… I’ll try a bit of my best siarad Cymraig on him!


Perfect English…

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Please don’t demote me :wink:

Same experience as Barry for this hill - asked first time, was thanked, and shown where to go in for future reference.

Ooops… sorry about that :blush:

Thanks for tip. Maybe I’ll just risk it over the gate and up the middle of the field. If challenged I’ll explain this thread.