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GW/NW-062 My 50th


Today saw my 50th activation of Hope Mountain GW/NW-062, now regularly referred to by many chasers as DSPs office, hi.

I hadn’t been out for over a week due to the continual winter type wx we are experiencing in the UK, plus the fact that I have been wielding a paint brush and roller.

I had set myself a target of 50 QSOs to mark the occasion and set out for the summit at 12:45utc and was on site and ready to start in very windy conditions at 13:20.

I tuned around 40m cw and came across Al DJ5AA/P on DM/SX-164 for my first contact and first s2s of the day, then QSYd to 60m-ssb on FE, where a further 9 contacts were made.

Following a tip off from Don G0RQL, I made my second s2s of the day with Karl DL2XL/P on DM/RP-322 followed by another 14 contacts led by Roy G4SSH with a superb 599 signal. A quick switch to 30m-cw brought in another 5 contacts.

After the cw I went over to 2m-fm where Mission control Barry M3PXW led a field of 14 more contacts.

Still short of my 50, I tried 70cms-fm where another 5 QSOs were made.

A final QSY to 144-ssb did the trick, Brian G8ADD answered my cq call for QSO 48 (I thought it was 49 but had mis-counted Brian) then 2 more contacts were made, with the 50th QSO going to Ian G6TGO.

I had great fun out there today, with a total of 51 contacts made and a total of 7 DXCCs worked…G,GW,GM,F,DL,HB and HA.

Many thanks to all stations who called in and special thanks to Al and Karl for the cw s2s contacts.

vy 73 Mike GW0DSP


In reply to GW0DSP:

Congratulations Mike on this little mile stone.

thanks Mike

73 M3PXW Barry


Congratulations Mike.

I think I have 10 of them in my log :slight_smile:



In reply to GW0DSP:
Oh well, 48 not out is not too bad!

I knew you’d appear on the calling channel eventually so set the rig and then played computer for a couple of hours - I’m not sure I would last that long on a summit!

73 and well done!

Brian G8ADD


Congratulations for the “golden jubilee” Mike!
I was late at home and lucky to hear you on 30m.
Mni tnx 4 all the fb QSOs es hpe cu for s2s agn soon.
It most be nice up there on NW-062 (view, pub, etc.).hi
Vy73 de Fritz


In reply to DL4FDM:

Thanks for the congrats everyone and here’s to the next 50 activations.

Yes Fritz, terrific views across The town of Wrexham just 5 Kilometres to the east of the summit, also across the River Dee and River Mersey estuaries where they both meet the Irish sea, also the cities of Chester and Liverpool, not forgetting the large radio telescope at Jodrell Bank.

Unfortunately, no pub, hi just lots of beautiful wild animals.

73 Mike


In reply to GW0DSP:
GD Mike yes currently worked you twice from this spot, keep-it-up
best 73’s Dick F6GUU (ex G3TMQ)