GW/NW-062 Advice

Any prospective activators of Hope Mountain, please be aware that the access road from the A541 (Mold - Wrexham Road) on the North of the summit at SJ296586 will be closed for 1 week from 29/9/08. If approaching the summit from the A541, use the alternative road at SJ301579. This road runs through a small housing estate, but eventually comes to a T junction. Turn left at the T junction and the prow to the summit is approx 400 metres away on your right, park by gate and prow finger post, room for 1 car, maybe 2.

Barry 2E0PXW

In reply to 2E0PXW:
cheers for the info Barry, whilst I may not be doing hope mountain, someone out there may well be, so I am sure it will be of benefit to some.