Gw/nw-062 20/11/08

I had to go to Wrexham this afternoon to collect a Christmas pressie I had ordered for my xyl some time ago.There wasn’t a lot of SOTA activity today so I packed my rucksack into the car in the hope that I would have time for a quick activation and give a few points out.

Firstly, apologies to anybody who might have been listening for me on 60m-ssb. I joined the “forget the kit club”. After making the 60m legs for my dipole and testing them on my last activation, I took them off the dipole to add the insulaters as a permamant job. On arrival at the summit, I realised that they were still in the shack. Doh!!

Just a brief summary of the activation on a very windy summit…

FT-857, 20w, 7ah SLAB, dual band linked dipole for 40m/30m

QSOs = 30
40m-cw = 24
30m-cw = 6
DXCCs = 13

Thanks to all callers and thanks to OE3KAB and LA1ENA for the spots.