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Gw/nw-034 12/1/08

Steve GW1INK/P, Barry 2W0PXW/P and Myself, Mike GW0DSP/P did a mass activation of Cyrniau Nod GW/NW-034 on Saturday 12th Jan.

I won’t bore you with the details as Barry and I did this summit just a couple of weeks back. The wx held up on what turned out to be a very pleasant day and between us I think we logged over 100 QSOs, with quite a few S2S contacts had by all.

Thanks on behalf of the three of us to all stations worked and especially for the s2s contacts.

Thanks also to G4JZF, G0RQL, G3VQO, DL4FCK, G8ADD and M3TMX for spotting us.

My thanks for my own personal s2s contacts go to Clive M1YAM/P - G/NP-030, Andy MM0FMF/P - GM/SS-158, Steve 2W0KPO/P - GW/SW-015, Hans DL6UHA/P - DM/ND-021 and Robin GM7PKT/P - GM/WS-261.

73 and see you from the next one.


In reply to GW0DSP:
I have thought it yesterday, I think it today, but I have hoped, that somebody else would write it, because I am a newcomer to SOTA and my english is not very good.
But nobody has written it, so I must give it a try now:

Yesterday I think, it must be the 500th activation of a summit by G1INK !!!

Very well done and my congratulations for this outstanding work to reach this big number of activations! I hope to hear you fom many summits in the future and all my best wishes for you Steve!
73 de Lutz DL3SBA

Congratulations Steve on the 500 activations. Join the club! What kept you? :wink:


In reply to DL3SBA:

well done and congratulations

500th activation of a summit inky.

73 2E0PXW Barry

p.s. here is a photo

and video too

Congratulations on your 500th sota activation Steve, it was a pleasure to share it with you although you kept it quiet you rascal.

what kept you?:slight_smile: Probably due to the fact you don’t bother with multiple activations of your local summit, plus the amount of contacts per summit activation and at least a couple of hours spent on each top operating on so many bands.

Well done Steve.

73 Mike GW0DSP

In reply to DL3SBA:
Thanks Lutz - here`s to the next 500.

In reply to M1EYP "what kept you"
Hi Tom - I gave you a 14 month / 65 summit head start.

In reply to GW0DSP "the fact you don’t bother with multiple activations of your local summit"
I must plead guilty to activating G/SP-004 25 times so far.(SP-001 14 times)

Will be going up to GM/WS a fortnight today, lets hope the wx is kind and allows a few activations.

73 Steve G1INK.