GW/NW-033 Tarren y Gesail

Hi All
If anyone is going to activate this summit in the very near future can you please look on the pile of stones that are there and see if you can see a pair of reading glass’s in a black glass’s box. I operated this summit last weekend before going on to activate GW/NW-036. I believe I left my glass’s there but not sure. There is a £50 finders fee if anyone finds them and they are still in good condition.

Cheers All.
I would have gone back but twisted my ankle on my descent from NW-036.


I could arrange for an activation in the forthcoming weeks. It’s not often climbed because it’s so remote and thus retrieving your glasses is likely

Will hopefully activate on Tuesday 2nd May. If so will have a look for you.

73 John.

Hi Paul and John
thank you both fingers crossed they are still there :slight_smile:

Hi Paul

Failed to find your glasses near the trig point and surrounding area today at Tarren y Gesail GW/NW-033.


Hi John
no problems but thank you for taking time out to look. Hope you had a good activation? Did you go to 036 afterwards? I found it a hard slog to do both.

Hi Paul
No, did NW-036 by itself a couple of weeks ago. Both of these hills were a bit of a slog.
Only two left to activate in GW/NW land (045 and 057).