GW/NW-031 blunder

In smash and grab style activation this evening, I ended up ascending Moel y Cerrig Duon instead of Esgeiriau Gwynion which was disappointingly much further away then originally quickly planed. The topography of the land makes it difficult around that area.

Sorry guys - doesn’t often happen. Will re-attempt it soon.


Hi Jonathan,
I copied you on 40m and I was about to give you a call when my XYL came to talk to me.
Unlike some other times, today I didn’t ask her to wait a little while until I had completed my SOTA chase (of you in this case)
When she finished talking with me, you were apparently gone from the frequency but I called you anyway. Pedro (EA2CKX) Heard me and told me you had gone to 20m and I immediately saw your spot for 14.285
I sat there waiting for you but never heard neither you nor any of your chasers. I wonder whether you finally operated on 20m SSB or not.
I finally couldn’t chase you today and I’m sorry about that particularly after having copied you pretty well on 40m.
Well, there will be more SOTAs to come hopefully.
Best 73 de Guru (currently EA2IF/1 while on holidays at NW coast).

Thanks Guru, the QRM was building unfortunately on 40m. 20m had gone towards NA, QRP wasn’t cutting it, I did put a few calls out. The bands seemed moderately improved today from recent past, which is good. I am always impressed how well Pedro copies me.

Never mind, I will be going on a fair SOTA run to take me up to 400 pts before Uni starts next year and then it will be the lakes - hopefully !