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GW/NW-012 Cadair Berwyn GW4VPX activation

Hi everyone. Just a brief post to say that my activation of Cadair Berwyn GW/NW-012 yesterday is up on my blog http://www.gw4vpx.blogspot.co.uk/ . Thanks to all the chasers and activators…59 contacts… Aran Fawddwy GW/NW-007 tomorrow…hope to work some of you. 73 Allan GW4VPX

Llyn LLuncaws (Lake of Lluncaws) from the top of Cadair Berwyn


I just love that headline picture from Bwlchysaethau, that would go on my wall if I had taken it!

Nice to have made it with you on 60, I was too close to you on 40 and you were weaker.

I don’t know if you are aware but there is a fine viewpoint on the left (true) side of the waterfall right at the edge, with trees to hang on to, but it is far too long since I was there last and by now they might have made a path to it. Last time I was there it was mostly ice and a few more days of frost might have made a respectable grade IV ice climb out of it!


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