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GW/NW-012 Cadair Berwyn, A fantastic day.

Hi All
here is a link to my Blog for yesterdays activation of Cadair Berwyn. This was my best ever activation with 45 QSO’s logged, I was buzzing thank you all chasers and especially the 6 S2S’s.

73 Paul


Nice report Paul. Thanks for the summit-to-summit.

I didn’t expect this in May!

Hope you don’t mind if I tag on my report too (mostly pictures)…

73, Simon


Hi Simon yes a great day and the snow was a little surprise. Thant you for the S2S and the pictures are for all so no problems with any tags.
73 Paul

As I sat on The Cloud G/SP-015 around the same time I thought “It feels a bit chilly for May”. Then I looked at my 60kHz clock - the temperature indicator was reading as 0.8 degrees…

Heavy frost this morning on Dartmoor