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GW/NW-009 HF Tips Please

In reply to 2E0YYY:

โ€œwhy does that man keep shouting Yankee Yankee Yankee dad?โ€

Because if he says Y, Y, Y, everyone shouts Delilah back at him.



In reply to G4AFI:
Hello Andrew
This saturday me and the hockey club are going up Cadair Idris GW/NW-009 to have a game of hockey if there is space too play a game of hockey then there is space for the antennas.


In reply to MW6GWR:
Hi Ricky,
I hope you enjoy your game of hockey. If whilst up there you spot a great place to operate from please let me know.

Andrew G4AFI

In reply to G4AFI:

I bet the extreme ironing gang get in the way!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:

I bet the extreme ironing gang get in the way!

Nah Brian, more likely to be a radio ham with a kite antenna taking up half the hill :wink:

73 Mike

In reply to G4AFI:
sorry Andrew I have to cancel because the club has cancel so canโ€™t say a good place up there I will activitie GW/NW-009 next year when hopefully i will be able to go up with someone as there is knowone to go up with and its a bit high for me to go up alone.