GW/NW-006 and NW-003 today

Just a quick thanks to all the VERY co-operative people out there who put up with my rather perfunctory QSO’s today. Think I got to everyone who was waiting though (that I could hear).

Glyder Fawr (GW/NW-003) was pretty rough this afternoon and I am used to pretty rough weather.

The descent was interesting, strong gusts trying to fling me down the slope to Llyn y Cwn above the Devil’s Kitchen.

Ice axe was out on a couple of occasions. Proper winter out there at the moment on the high tops (above 800m).


In reply to MW0WML:

Hi Gerald

Thanks for your efforts yesterday and thank you for the S2S.

GW/MW-001 remained snow free but with the strong wind and minus temperature I was thankful for the space inside the cairn.

S2S with you, Tom M1EYP, Paul GM4MD and Kevin G7KXZ made my day not forgetting all the chasers with some 56 in the log.

The report and photographs of my activation will be up on Steve’s blog in the next few days -

Happy New Year when it arrives to you and to all fellow activators and chasers.


Allan GW4VPX