Hi Guys

On Monday 11 July I will be on Snowdon GW/NW-001 with my XYL. I have been ‘allowed’ a very brief window of opportunity to activate the summit. I will be at the top at approx 1200UTC (1pm local) and will be on 145.500 and 433.500. I will have about 10 minutes so would appreciate anyone in ‘ear shot’ of Snowdon to please keep a listen out for me. I will self spot when I am about 10 minutes from the summit.

Hope to work a few.

73 Glyn G(W)4CFS/P

Glyn. Thanks for the info. of your proposed activation on Monday. I will try to contact you. My QTH is blocked by a local big hill in that direction, so for contact with GW/NW-001, I must travel to high ground. this takes me aprox. 20 mins. Your updates, if possible,would be great. Many Thanks. 73.

Paul M0CQE.

If time allows I’ll be listening out for you. Good luck,