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GW/MW-032 Upper Park - access

Thought I’d start a new thread, rather than carry on the one from November 2011.

Did the mentioned “mass access” ever happen in summer 2012?

If so how would we go about arranging organised access again in 2013?

There was mention of Dave M0TUB, Mike 2E0YYY or Tom M1EYP making arrangements with the Powys Castle Estate after Dave and Mike activated it in November 2011.

This one is quite close to me and although I have well over a hundred GW uniques still to do I’d like to get this one out of the way as it appears to be rather tricky! (I did the much the same with all the Skye Munros by doing them in the mid 80’s when working on completing my round).


Last I heard was that Mickey was trying to arrange something with the contact he had on the estate, but the other guy stopped communicating.

It seems we are back to square one on this one. Ultimately it is private land, and there is no PROW or access land within the activation zone. We have no right to be there, and need to respect that.

The only glimmer of hope is that it has been activated. ie, we know that some people have been lucky enough to catch the right person at the right time and arrange a one-time, one-off access. So it can be done, but the data would indicate that the probability is very much against. So people need to weigh that up before making a potentially long but wasted journey.


In reply to M1EYP:
Thanks Tom.

Probably best to try it when “on the way” to somewhere else.