GW/MW-011 144mhz SSB

Apologies to anyone who was waiting for me to go over to 2m ssb, the antenna feeder let me down i’m sorry, couldn’t get a workable swr. I will go back in the next few weeks and do it again for the vhf guys.


Good luck with that Steve. I think both the geographical location of that summit, and its actual physical shape, would make it a very difficult prospect on VHF. I certainly recall Jimmy had absolutely no joy on 2m FM from there, making no contacts whatsoever. He had to “borrow” some time on my 14MHz station and make some SSB contacts!

I’m sure 2m SSB will be a better proposition, but still far from easy!

Great to work you HF CW S2S earlier today. You were one hell of a signal here in Cheshire! I reckoned that probably also gave me that summit as “complete” too, but in fact I see I had already chased it back in 2009 anyway.

73, Tom M1EYP

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Hi Tom,

It was a nice surprise to hear you in amongst the pile, I must say your speed is improving somewhat =0) quite quick there old boy. Anyway I had a few guys lined up on 2m ssb waiting after 40m … I still don’t know what the issue is as I still have to set it up at home here and try it out… I have a feeling it’s the BNC… ah well! … catch you again.


FB Steve.

We (me and Liam) are headed back in your direction tomorrow for 4 days or so - Liam’s annual Road Trip. This year it is the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, so keep an ear out on 2m FM. I’ll get your number off Jimmy as well so I can text you where we are up to. Hopefully a repeat visit to some of those very easy summits if the wx plays ball.


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Good forecast for the next few days,Mynydd Carningli is always a good one as it’s near to Newport on the North coast, off until Monday I will listen around for you, hope you both have a good time.