Guido HB9BQB now MG

Hi Guido,

Congrats on achieving Mountain Goat status today on HB/GR-107 Vilan!

You took your time since you discovered SOTA in 2007, so that is well-deserved.
It is always a pleasure to meet you on the bands.

73 gl, Heinz


Congratulations Guido on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Dear all

I had joined our local Swiss club HB9SOTA back in 2016. So, I was looking forward to attend the first general meeting in May 2017 to see the new colleagues at St Chrischona near Basle in person. Having left the local train in Riehen for changing to the connecting bus, I saw a decent, unremarkable senior gentleman with a funny backpack, just some meters ahead. This was Guido, HB9BQB – my first official face of HB9SOTA. We had engaged in a pleasant dialogue within seconds.

Guido: congrats from my side and certainly many other SOTA friends! I’m sure they will also be happy for you and your marvelous achievement. Enjoy your mountains furthermore and our connective add-on . . . SOTA!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

PS: I’m sure: the next celebrations will follow soon . . . :sunflower:

Dear SOTA friends!
Thank you very much for your congratulations and nice comments!
It took me 10 years to achieve MG but I enjoyed it vy much. The honor goes to my wife who acompagned me on most of my activations. At least on the higher and more rocky summets because she doesn’t like cows and muddy cow tracks HI.
73, hpe cuagn soon
Guido, HB9BQB


Hallo Guido
Willkommen bei den Geissen. da sieht man wie gut das alte Sprichwort passt. " Was lange währt wird endlich gut." Dann also bis bald wieder auf den Bändern.
73s es gl de HB9BHW, Hansruedi

Hoi Guido,
Congratulations! I look forward to many more S2S contacts with you!

Hi Guido

auch von mir GRATULATION zur Geiss!!!
Hat mich gefreut an diesem Tag ein S2S mit dir zu machen. Wir hoeren uns!!
73 Bruno HB9CBR

Hallo Guido
Herzliche Gratulation zu deinem Erfolg!
Geniesse die Bergwelt weiterhin in vollen Zügen.
Ich freue mich jedes Mal dich zu treffen!
vy 73 de Jürg

Congratulations Guido on achieving Mountain Goat.


All Best, Ken

Dear Guido,

Congratulations also from my side! All the best for your future activations (and build projects, hi) and I hope to hear you on the summit soon again!

Peter, HB9TVK