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Grotty South Wales Summits

Well I had to do a trip down to Bridgend for work and decided it was not going to take all day so I planned to do some summits since work were paying for my fuel.

SW-36 was first on the cards, easy walk, except the farmer had to tell me where to park, so he could turn round his tractor, no problem I thought so I parked where he wanted me to… and the cleared off to the summit. Nice place SW-036, this full of dog excrement and not much else. So I got what I needed and tipped toed back down, only to find the farmer had parked in the place I did.

SW-036 was next, but I drove straight past it as there was a bit of a problem, I had put in SW-028 on the Tom Tom by mistake, so I missed out on this summit and I was not going back in my V8… Oh well must be getting old…

SW-028, well this is where the local scum must like to burn out the cars they no longer want, there were marks on the tarmac every 50ft where cars had been set alight, must be a great place at night to hang out… Glad I was there in the day.
Parking is limited, all the verges are shaped to stop cars getting off the road, wonder why, I found a small space to park. The walk in is very easy.

Next SW-031, now this is a bit more like it, a clean summit path, no chavs and easy parking, and good views.

Next the plan was to drive up to SW-017 and park up on the Byway (Roman Road) near the summit and camp the night, problem was it was closed for some work. However I suspect it was closed to stop the chavs taking cars up there and burning them out. The chavs had also decided that this place was theirs on a Friday night and clearly did not like the idea I was in their street. There was no chance I was going to leave my car in the dump they called home for them to have their way with so I decided to leave the area rather than do an activation.

So with my plans scuppered I decided that it was time to cut my losses and leave the summits of South Wales for another day.

I do have to say though, in my opinion, it appears that more and more of the Summits of South Wales seem to be blighted by rubbish, burnt out remains of cars and scum ready to have a session with you pride and joy.

I for one don’t like activating in some areas of South Wales for fear of the damage I may come back to. Shame really.

In reply to M0KPO:

I can picture the scene only too well. A sensible decision, Steve - if a little disappointing for you. At least you had another reason to go there.

73, Richard

ps What’s the V8?

In reply to G4ERP:

ps What’s the V8?



ex V85NT

In reply to G3CWI:

Obtuse? Moi?


73, Richard (charging batteries and dusting off the 3cm kit)

In reply to G4ERP:

A mad 300hp Range Rover Classic I bought as a day to day car…